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March 2015: New Cornell synthesis on The raison d’eˆtre of chemical ecology

Rob Raguso on the TItan Arum, watch the videos on STINKY SCIENCE (Nove. 2014)






Chemically-mediated interactions between organisms are pervasive at all levels of biological organization, from microbes to humans, across all biomes and habitats. Organisms find food and seek out mates, repel their enemies and fend off disease through the use of chemicals. Characterizing the molecules involved and understanding how they function in nature are fundamental goals of chemical ecologists; goals that are central to the understanding of life itself. The university-wide Chemical Ecology Group is committed to the enhancement of research and education on the mechanistic bases of ecological interactions at Cornell.

General Research Objectives

  1. Biochemistry and the structure of biodiversity
  2. Agricultural sustainability via manipulating plant and insect chemistry
  3. Chemically-mediated mechanisms of ecological and evolutionary interactions
Teaching and Training
  1. Contributing to undergraduate and graduate education, postdoctoral training, and the acquisition of grants to support these efforts. Our popular Chemical Ecology course is taught every spring.
  2. Supporting shared resources and enabling technologies relevant to modern chemical ecological research.
Program Development
  1. Fostering research and educational interactions amongst chemical ecologists across Cornell.
  2. Helping to recruit the best graduate, postdoctoral, and faculty scientists with expertise in chemical ecology.  

To accomplish these goals, the CCEG provides support for various activities, such as shared analytical equipment, journal clubs, various classes, workshops, and seminars, and an annual symposium. The weekly PIG discussion group has met every semester since fall 2004! (Group photo Fall 2014)

The CCEG was launched in the Spring of 2008, and we currently have many faculty and associate members.






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