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Participating Labs



Anurag Agrawal, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Manuel Aregullin, Plant Biology and Molecular Biology
Bernd Blossey, Natural Resources

Lailiang Cheng, Horticulture

Angela Douglas, Entomology

Bill Fry, Plant Pathology

Susheng Gan, Horticulture

Rayko Halitschke, Chemical Ecology Core Facility
Richard Harrison, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Drew Harvell, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Jian Hua, Plant Biology

Georg Jander, BTI and Plant Biology
Andre Kessler, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Charlie Linn, Entomology
Greg Loeb, Entomology
Neil Mattson, Horticulture

Michael Mazourek, Plant Breeding and Genetics

Martha Mutschler-Chu, Plant Breeding and Genetics

Rebecca Nelson, Plant Pathology 

Katja Poveda, Entomology
Robert Raguso, Neurobiology and Behavior
Eloy Rodriguez, Plant Biology

Jocelyn Rose, Plant Biology 

Frank Schroeder, BTI and Chemistry
Kerry Shaw, Neurobiology and Behavior
Jeff Scott, Entomology
Tony Shelton, Entomology
Jennifer Thaler, Entomology
Saskya van Nouhuys, Univ. Helsinki
Ping Wang, Entomology


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